Purple and Black Cameo necklace

Purple and black is my favorite color combo, which I think lends itself well to this little necklace.

Purple ribbon braided through black chain, ribbon is also used as a bail for the pendent.
Another piece that will be added to Etsy and is currently on sale.
If interested, just message me. :)

PurpleCameo Necklace

Vintage style key necklace

Next on my list of things to sell ^^

Is a vintage key necklace. Brass and pearls, wire wrapped with copper wire. A nice little bit of vintage beauty.

This as well will be for sale in my Etsy store.
How ever it is currently for sale. So if you're interested feel free to message me.

Vintage Key Necklace
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Coming Soon!!

So very soon I'll be reopening my Etsy Shop, that being said, here is one of the newest pieces that will be for sale there.

Bohemian style necklace is made with all natural parts. Painted shells, wooden beads, bamboo thread and a brass leaf clasp. No glue, simple knots.


Slight life changes

Well holy crap it's been forever since i've used this! O,O well as in my posting it in. I'm doing so because my usual sites are currently under a DDOS attack.

So for those of you that follow me on FB Twitter and FA here's what happened. [cross posted from facebook]

Well today was a strange day and one I sort of knew would happen.
I lost my job today. It's all right though, I think this is a blessing in disguise.
This isn't due to my being a bad worker, or they were laying off or anything like that.
This is due to my health. My occurrences were really high, over ten. [we are allotted 10] Most of them i took was due to my health. a personal reason that Some of my friends know I suffer with.

So i will be going to a free clinic and try to get to the bottom of this, and if I can have a clean bill of health where I can work back there again, I can go and reapply. I Am re-hirable, and they would like for me to come back, and I would like to go back.

But first, I Must take care of this issue.

Now, to make clear what happened, I got a prescription from the Dr at my job for my feet, they are anti inflammatory stuff, nothing bad, and they Did work on my feet, however...certain parts of my body, my uterus to be exact had an AWFUL reaction to it.

Enough to send me to the ER. After talking to the Drs there, It turns out that the meds triggered the issue i have into something worse. And what the company is worried about, is the heavy lifting and the nature of the job would make it worse. And I cannot lie, it Could.

So, like I said above, I will look for a clinic that can check this out, and see what I can do to well...fix it. And then I will reapply once more. i'm anxious to come back. I already miss my friends there.

In Other news, because of this I am now VERY open for commissions, art and jewelry. I need to start making a lil bit of money for the bills. I will get my etsy store back up and will be advertising more jewlery and art.
Thanks for reading!

Hurricane Sandy The aftermath.

My best thoughts and prayers to those in the wake of the Category One hurricane known as Sandy. Never Ever EVER let your guard down just because the category number is low. If you need further proof of this..then look at these pictures of what a low category storm can do.

I have many friends out in that area, and thank goodness they are safe. But many people lost their homes, their childhood areas, lives have been changed drastically due to this storm.

My bf and I were very lucky, we hunkered down at a friend's place because the highways were shut down. So we couldn't make our way home. Even then it was pretty scary.

Bare in mind, this was the worst cyclone hit on the east coast in recorded history. [That I know of. ] a thousand miles wide. Think about that for a moment. It hit the whole of the east coast. And it was "only a category one" That being said? Thank God it was not a larger category!

Now is the time to try to pull together and give a helping hand. If you can donate anything, blankets, clothing, canned food, water, even a little bit of would help the survivors of this storm a great deal.

There are several ways you can do this. Here are some links.

I'm sure there are many more ways as well.

Thank you. :)
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IT's Not Fair! [Vent journal]

I've paid into the system, I've never taken more than I needed, Hell I've gone without because I don't wanna take from someone who needs it more than me.

Everyday I see people screwing the system, getting more than they should be getting....Free this free that...

Here I have nothing. I do not have a job, I do not have transportation for one..and even still when I apply for one, they take one look at me and say No.

Why? Because I do not make a good face for the company. So what does that mean? That means my teeth are falling out of my head.

Do you know what that is like? [I'm sure many do..i don't mean in this fandom either just in general]

Every time I meet someone new, I go through panic attacks because of my teeth. I used to be so confident when I'd go for job interviews, because once upon a time, I had a lovely smile...Now, I have...well...I have something quite freaking horrid.

I cannot chew without pain, I don't have a single good tooth left, I'm always taking some form of pain pill for them.

And before anyone says "well brush your teeth!" I DO! I brush twice daily and all of that. This is from a combined result of being a guinie pig [back in the 80's i was a ward of the state, they came out with a new sealant for teeth. it was suppose to dissolve in 6 months. I was 12 when they did mine. Except mine didn't until i was 26 thus weakening and rotting my teeth under the gumline.]

So, I apply for medicade. And get turned down because i'm not pregnant, nor am I going to be, I'm not under 18 or over 65 and the best they can offer is that I go to a student dentist.

so....I get to sit here and become more toothless and in pain..and I cannot do anything but go to a student dentist? This is not some cavity dammit. What is left of my teeth NEED to come out! I need medication to fight the infections, and I NEED Teeth!

What do I do?

I have been losing my teeth over the last 10 years..each year is worse and worse.  To even Go to a dentist costs more money than I have.
Hell never mind the fact I've not been to a dr in 20 years [save for the megaplex accident] I don't even really care as much about that...

I just...

I just want to be able to smile once more. I just want to be able to eat something and not be in extreme pain when I do. I just want to be able to look at someone with confidence and not be worried about them staring at my teeth.

Yanno, when I was in cali, I applied at a dollar store. A DOLLAR store....ok? Nothing major at all....the manager wouldn't stop staring at my teeth! Hell he could not stop making disgusted faces.

He then finally said that I'm not what they are looking for.

For christsake it's a freaking DOLLAR STORE! i'm sure you can imagine....what ever confidence I once had has long since been gone.

i try to overcome it the best I can.....but..I dunno...I'm so tired of it.
I don't know what else to do.
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Sexual Assault Support Group [furfright panel]

Hi guys!

Well it's that time of year again, when Furfright is fast approaching upon us! And that means lots of fun, fursuits, games and panels.

And speaking of panels, I will be running a 30 minutes panel called Sexual Assault Support Group. It will be as the name implies. Share stories, resources to get help, and to let you know that you're not alone.
It will be at 10:30 pm Right after my jewelry panel. !0:30 pm to 11:00 pm Friday night in the Coach room.
If you're a survivor of abuse, I encourage you to come and join us.

You're not alone.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me here or email me at Artbyangel.martin[at]

Hope to see you there!


My 40th Birthday!

Hehehe I had the Best Birthday EVER! ^__^

Ok, so I'm forty now. And what's the best way to celebrate being forty? BY NOT ACTING LIKE IT! ^___^ Hehe yeah the last thing I am ever is mature. Only when I need to be.

So,jtigerclaw  jtigerclaw has been scheming, and planning and scheming and being all Mr. SecretMcSneakyPants. He was creating something for me on the Mac, but unfortunately it cannot be finished at this time. I do know what it is however and that in itself is something amazing! He was making a season boxset of one of my favorite shows on dvd for me. :) But he needed some software that right now is too pricey.

However, that did Not take away from the wonderfulness he had planned! Remember how I had mentioned that the only clue he gave me was that my birthday was going to be in layers? He wasn't kidding!
hheheh Ok so..layer one..

the 16th, I woke up late, came into the sewing room and got online. Jt was already up and bustling about. He asked me to stay in here for about an hour. o,O ooooKay. I did. Begrudgingly. Because it was longer than that and I was hungry! Its ok though. :) Because he then came in a little while later, and blindfolded me. Led me out to the dining room where his mom, stepdad, Tanya [his sister] and her three wonderful girls [Emma, she's the youngest at 6, Cameron, I believe shes 10 and Makayla, she's 14] were there wishing me a happy birthday ^___^

The gifts were wonderful! Some lovely lavender soap, one of my favorite scents, a very pretty teal shirt, Tayna made me this Beautiful Victorian type journal, of which I have already made an entry in. And Sonya [Jt's mom and someone who has become a dear friend to me] made me this beautiful card. [piccies will be up in an album] We had cake that was made that morning [oh god it was Yummy!] and we played games!

Of course it rained >,< so I didn't get to see the awesome decorations Jt put up outside. But we didn't let the rain stop us! We had a scavenger hunt In the rain^^ Then after that we played Red Light Green Light. It was muddy messy. Where Jt would squirt us with the hose if we moved on red. ^^ I decided to become a Boston driver, cut across the lanes to get to him and steal the hose ^___^

After we all cleaned up we then played Pin the Tail on the Kitty. o,O I pinned my tail under the poor kittie's eye. I think Makayla won that one.
Then came the most stubborn pinata Ever! I beat the hell out of that thing and it wouldn't break. The string broke more! I finally did beat it into submission though, and the girls got a bunch of yummy candy ^^
After that I was ready to pass out! We all said our goodbyes and well I pretty much Did pass out afterwards. Well no....not yet..

Jt and I went to Best Buy to see if he could get the software. He couldn't. But when we left the store? We were met with the most beautiful sunset ever. So we pulled up in another parking spot and just watch the sunset. It was a lovely way to end an awesome evening!

Layer Two.

Now the next day was officially my birthday and to be honest? I Did. Nothing. Nupe not a thing. Ok I puttered online and whatnot. But Jt kept me in here all day because he was planning. Again. I could have gone to bed at my usual time. But I thought he'd be done with his epic planning. Silly me to think that ^^ Nupe. it took him 13 hours. But he Did finish it!

Layer Three.

Now it's 6am the day after my birthday. I've not slept yet. I Want to sleep, but I'm too excited as well. And my "patience" paid off. He comes in and puts a note in front of me. "Lets go for a drive" So in the car I went, and from there began a long series of clues, treasure and fun. Even though I was exhausted. He set up this elaborate treasure hunt in the style of a Zelda Video game!
He got So clever of the clues said "look closer at the pics" which was clues themselves on the camera. But to see the New clues, I had to Zoom In and move the picture around! Because the cam's battery icon Hid the second part of the clues of each picture! That to me was Epic!

I even had to play the recorder a couple of times for some of the clues. Really it was so much fun. and the map! Omg, he made a map of the house and outside almost perfect! [no wonder it all took so long!]
In the end, I won my treasures. Which was Arriaty the movie, Regular Show, and the grand treasure ^^

Hoisted WAYYYYY high up in the tree dangling above me....was a package...I knew it was there because the last clue that i had to actually Dig up, the little note said...Look Up. And I did and There it was!
I sawed down the package, and opened it. I squeeed!

Inside was 12 pairs of cute colorful Toe Socks! Which I happen to have a wicked affinity for ^^

So that was my wonderful layered birthday. I have pictures to upload and share. ^__^ Feel free to comment on the weirdness that is me in these photos ^_^

And thank you all for your birthday wishes. Even though you weren't here physically, you were here in spirit. Thank you so much!

And you can check out the album here. Just click on the 40th Birthday one.

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Celebrating 4 years with my tiggie!

That's right. Four wonderful, glorious years with jtigerclaw  jtigerclaw
It's been an adventure. One I'm beyond happy of having.

So, what have I learned these past four years? How have I grown as a person, with the most wonderful boyfriend I could ever have dreamed for? Well......

Four years ago, I was still hurting from the past. I had no voice, I could barely stand up for myself. I didn't know how to express myself, and I sure as hell didn't think I was attractive in any way shape or form.
I was stagnant in my life. I was with a man that, while he cared for me, we had simply grown apart. I do not know if it was more him, or more me. But regardless, I felt lonely in our relationship. However, I wasn't looking either. After all, who would want me?

I met Jt on my forum Furrie Haven. Way back when it was new. [6 years ago I believe.] He was so shy, I sent him a private message, and then we just took off from there. The first time I had ever seen a picture of him, I freaked out. Here is this fucking HAWT guy! Like "OMG Movie Star Sex Model I wanna Jump your bones Hawt" guy! I was too frightened to send him a picture of me. I'm old, frumpy, mostly toothless and fat. >,<

But somehow, I did. And soon after that it was daily phonecalls, Video chats. During this time, I was also in a online relationship with someone else. This person had done so much for me, helped me grow, helped me see things within myself, and just...was, and still is a wonderful person. So, yeah I had this guilt thing going on here. I was having feelings for 2 people.

The other person knew of course about the feelings growing, and I think he may have been the strong one between the two. After all, he also had a lot going on in his life. A brand new start for him. Going places and doing things. All of which I cannot express just how proud I am of him then and now.

The decision was made and I won't lie, it broke my heart. And I was angry at first. But, it was wise. Very wise if not very hard decision to make. I don't know if this is something he'd want to hear, but he helped me so much, that it allowed me to begin to heal. To move on in my life. To take chances. To him, I'll always be grateful, and he'll Always have a special place in my heart.

Things were very hectic in my life and I had to make a choice. I moved to Buffalo to stay with a friend, and then a few months later, a choice was made. With sethtriggs help I made the biggest leap of my life. I moved to South Carolina. And since then, it has been a hell of a wonderful ride!

Jt has taught me to open up, that it's safe to talk, to express myself. He's shown me that it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks, that HE finds me beautiful. So what if society thinks I'm ugly as sin. Perhaps I am, but it doesn't matter. He loves me for me. For every bit of me. Not Despite this that or the other thing.

For a while, I had problems with everyone wanting to get into Jt's pants. Or so it seemed. Some of it yeah, some of it perhaps perceived that way but not true. I think I've gotten a little better with that.

The thing I need to work on now, is not to be afraid to meet people connected to Jt. I'm still afraid to because I am afraid of them judging him badly for being with me. I'm still old, I'm still frumpy, I'm still mostly toothless, and I'm still fat. People place a lot on looks. And it's hard to let it go on my end. But, I'm trying.

Point is, this is a man who can look past what society dictates and follows his heart. And it's one of the many reasons I love him. He's given me a Life! He's shown me things, brought me to places, experienced things with me that I never dreamed I would see and/or do. And while I am 13 years older than him, it doesn't matter. I have the energy to keep up with him [er save for basketball ^^] and age is nothing more than a number. Not dictated by anything.

I know some people do not understand our relationship, and some even disrespect it. I don't care. We're not sheep. We're kitties! And kitties follow their Own paths.

Jt, I love you. I thank you for all you've done for me, for being here through the good and the bad. For helping me grow as a person, for helping me heal more. Because of you, I am a much better person. [though...I'll still snark <,< >,>] Thank you for the last four years together. Lets get going on the next Forty years! ^___^ or more!

Oh, one more thing, to those that think Jt shouldn't be with me because of looks or sexuality or any other reason? You all can suck it! ^___^ Love is love. And that's all there is to it!
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De ja vu

Well now, I find it interesting that the last time I posted a journal here, I was in Mooresville Nc. And now? 6 months later, I'm posting again, and heading back to the same place.

This has been a stressful 6 months. Jobs, Apts, Life. So yet again, I'm moving. Just for the hell of it, I wanna recap on my moving life...

Born in Boston Ma
2 yrs old-Moved to Braintree Ma
6 yrs old - Moved to Brockton mass
11yrs old sent to Jamacia Plain Ma.
14 yrs old Fall River Ma
15 yrs old Burlington Ma
15-16 yrs old- Wareham Ma
16-17 yrs old- Brockton Ma
18 yrs old- Boston, Brockton, Avon, Bridgwater
19 yrs old- Brockton Ma, However moved through Several apts.
25 yrs old Carver Ma.
28 yrs old - plymouth ma
29 yrs old- Newport Maine
32- yrs old- Halifax Ma
35 yrs old Buffalo Ny
35 yrs old Hilton Head Island SC
38 yrs old Mooresville Nc
38 yrs old Culver City/Long Beach CA
39 yrs old Mooresville NC
39 yrs old Savannah GA
39 yrs old Back to Mooresville NC

Is it me? Or am I nomadic? I Don't want to be, but I am. I think with each move, I view it as a new beginning, new hope to a better future. And sometimes? Sometimes it is. So, here's to hoping to a new beginning!